1. You do such an incredible job with this website–it never ceases to amaze me! How I wished I knew about all this history when I lived there….Wondering if you ever came across the house that was near TO THE WATER on Hallock Avenue across from around Third Street or so. Relatives of mine were related to the Freeman family who lived there. I visited once or twice when I was very young (in the 1950s) and it seemed to me that it was quite a walk in from Hallock Avenue. Have you ever considered conducting a walking tour of the area? (I’d pay!) Again, THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR EFFORTS!!!!

  2. I know the house you are talking about. My aunt Anna lived on the second floor above the Freemans. Remember them very well.

  3. To Christopher Schaefer: Wondering if you’ve ever seen the marvelous poem that Louise Nichols, a former kindergarten teacher in the old Kimberly Avenue School, wrote, entitled “City Point ‘ 1951”?

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